High-Performance Software Automation

The most valuable asset you have is your time. Let us help you reduce the time spent training and processing your data so you can focus on the interesting aspects of your research or business. Stochastic Analytics provides customized software solutions to automate and accelerate your existing workflows, or alternatively, to develop novel workflows to remove barriers to your productivity and success.

For those who understand the value of momentum, the base rate covers development in real-time in the public cisTEM repository. Aside from guiding the design and implementation goals, your organization will benefit most from the custom molding to the demands of your workflow.

For those who would benefit from increased discretion. Stochastic Analytics, LLC will develop your app in a private repository, while retaining copyright open source licensing via the Mozilla vs2 weak copy left license [TODO, link to a section on why Mv2]. After a predetermined time period, with a maximum of three years from completion, the repository will be moved into the public sphere. The price for such discretion is an additional embargo fee that is proportional
to duration.

High-Performance Computing (hardware)

Use our expertise to save you time and money in designing the optimal compute strategy for your group. Choosing the wrong balance between on-premises hardware and cloud computing can lead to significant costs and ongoing headaches. 

Let us help you with planning, adjusting, or even installing* and servicing* your compute infrastructure. 

*Please note that these services are limited to the Boston area, except under special arrangements.

Provisioning labeled training data for developing AI algorithms for cryo-EM 

Well labeled data is crucial to the development of nearly all deep learning algorithms, and is on par with, if not more important than the details of the network architecture used. For extremely noisy cryo-EM data, this poses a unique challenge. At Stochastic Analytics, LLC we host an unparalleled set of labeled data that you can license for use in developing your own ML algorithms. 

For scenarios where you need more complex training data, e.g., in situ labelled samples, we have extended the capabilities of the high-fidelity physics-based simulator Ben originally published here: Cryo-TEM simulations of amorphous radiation-sensitive samples using multislice wave propagation

Scientific experimental design

The most important task any group has is in deciding what problems are important to solve, and equally, what problems are practical to solve. Tap into our deep expertise in cryo-Electron Microscopy, Physics, and Structural Biology to shape your experimental design to maximize your research productivity.

cryo-EM structure solution services

Upload your data, and download your map(s).  

Using our highly parallel Grid-FTP server, we can process cryo-EM movies in real-time using a single modern GPU at your source of data collection, streaming the results to our local servers for further processing in real-time.

Optionally include advice on improving your data along with an assessment of the cost/benefit of such improvement.

We are also taking limited requests for all the above with respect to 3D sub-tomogram processing.